Is Egypt safe to visit now?

"I'm planing to visit Egypt in mid August.. Is it safe in Egypt now? What is the latest situation there. If it is relativly safe, then I will proceed with my bookings...Thank you very much!"

Is Egypt safe? I have been getting this question frequently for the last couple of weeks now. So I thought I'd share my answer with you all here :)

Egypt is perfectly safe and especially Sinai! I can assure you, you will be most welcomed as a tourist by all Egyptians.

Most of the Europian embassies's recommendation is "avoid public gatherings and disturbances", and this is a very good advice no matter where you travel. Also you should carry some form of photographic ID at all times. 

This year, I spent whole april and 1st half of may in Cairo and Dahab - Sinai, experienced no problems whatsoever, had a wonderful time and fell in love with Egypt once again :) 

Honestly, if you are looking to avoid the crowds, this is a great time to visit Egypt. According to the Washington Post, tourism is down 80% compared to last year.So if seeing Egypt has always been your dream, this is a good time to turn the dream into reality. 

And at the end I'll quote Jon Taylor from World Travel Man : "Go to Egypt. That's an order. Stop reading and go!" xD

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