Sinai adventure: THE COLORED CANYON - "Hear" the silence and "feel" the energy of the mountains!

The Sinai Desert is probably one of the most attractive areas in the world as the dynamic interaction between rock and desert climate has created spectacular and varied desert sceneries. The landforms are diverse and dramatic, including vast sand dunes, massive granite peaks and deep gorges. When hiking through the rocky and mountainous desert, one can witness many fascinating types of rock when it comes to shape and color. There are green, red, yellow, purple and even blue rocks among many other shades.
Such dramatic landscapes and astonishing shapes are found in particular in the Colored Canyon, an inviting destination for the active and adventurous. 
The Canyon is located about 12 km north of Nuweiba, two hours from Sharm El Sheikh and also easily accessed from any of the camps and resorts in Dahab. It lies in a limestone mountain chain named “El Tih”, where, it is said, Moses was lost for 40 years. The area is only reached by jeep and you need to be accompanied by guides. The small oasis of ‘Ain Furtaga’ is the beginning of the trek leading to this geological wonderland.

The Coloured Canyon presents one of the most magnificent rock formations in the world. As the name of the canyon suggests, the sandstone has been mineralized and stained in a variety of attractive ways transforming the cliffs to a spectacular multi-colored stone. The canyon itself is a water-eroded, narrow and twisting path formed over thousands of years into the rocks, surrounded by spectacular 60 meter cliffs with narrow slots with drops – sometimes referred to as slot canyons - beautiful sculptured walls and cliffs made of sandstone with layers of amazing colors such as pink, purple, silver and gold. Millions of years ago, Sinai was covered by the sea, and the Colored Canyon is one of the amazing legacies left by the ancient ocean upon the landscapes.
With every step you take through the canyon, you will become even more impressed with art-like shapes and imbedded patterns displayed on the cliffs. Keep a close eye out for details and you will find that your imagination can easily fly and pick out human and animal faces on the sides of the walls.
Trekking through the Colored Canyon is a lot of fun, a very popular day trip and a unique expirience, which will definitelt leave you with memorable impressions. So if  you are at Nuweiba, Dahab or Sharm, make sure that you include this trip ;)

References: The Colored Canyon by Lara Iskander.
Photoes by Jan Wisniowski

Egyptian MUST TRY drinks!

Egypt is one of the most affordable countries for a European to try variety of fresh-grown exotic fruits. Because of its location on the Mediterranean and the crossroads between Africa and Asia, Egypt has access to a lot of fruits that might not be available in other places in the world. Guava, mango, watermelon, small melons are all widely available from fruit stalls, especially in locals-oriented non-tourist marketplaces.

Most brilliant drinks you can find in Egypt are the fresh fruit juices (asiir) available at small stalls throughout Egypt. The shopkeepers blend the whole fruit and small amounts of ice and sugar water and then strain this mash into your glass-the resulting drinks have been described as ambrosia. Juices, which are made from fruits in season, include farawla (strawberry), manga (mango), mohz (banana),and burtu'aan (orange) and are especially welcome in hot weather.

In addition to pure fruit juices, you can also get them made of vegetables such as khiyar (cucumber), tamaatim (tomato), and gazar (carrot). For a new experience, experiment with some of their combination drinks: nuss wa nuss (carrot and orange), an unexpectedly delightful concoction, or mohz bi-laban, a blend of bananas and milk; an Egyptian milkshake. Asiir lamoon, common throughout Egypt, is a strong, sweet version of lemonade. In the past few years canned and packaged juices have become common, but their flavor cannot compare with the freshly made varieties.

Below is my TOP 6 Must Try Drinks in Egypt, and I'm sure you will enjoy it no matter on the beach or in some street Cairo's cafe :)

  1. Strawberry Juice - tasty, sweet and lovely! Also very refreshing.

2. Karakadey (Hibiscus Juice) - very popular drink in Egypt, made of the dried Hibiscus flower. You can have it cold or hot (cold is better :D)

4. Kharoob (Carob Juice)- a little bit musky and dark drink, it is served cold. 

5. Sahlab (<3)- Basically made out of dried and crushed orchis mascula, other ingredients include sesame seeds, Coconut, sugar, milk, and topped with raisins and nuts. It is very sweet and served hot, best way to warm up nice in the winter. The best Sahlab is usually found at coffee shops.

6. Watermelon Juice - tasty and soo refreshing, great on a hot summer day!

If you are spending your vacation in Egypt, do not try it all in one day:D Take the time to savor the flavor!