Dahab in 4 days - Very special NEW offers :)

We present you a four days packages with a lot of activities! Dahab has plenty to see and do :)

Category A:  3 NIGHTS - 4 DAYS OFFER 

1st day
Three pools safari - Three shallow, connected pools with beautiful coral reef. Very nice snorkeling location, 10 km south of Dahab, at Southern Oasis. From the glass boat you can explore sea life and after you can enjoy snorkeling in Lagoon area too!
(including transportation, snorkeling equipment, lunch, glass boat trip (1,5h) and snorkeling at Lagoon area)

2nd day
Ras abu Gallum safari - visit to the Bedouin village and National Park - Ras abu Gallum and spending day at one of the most beautiful places in Dahab. You will see the real Bedouin life, taste a delicious, fresh bedouin food, ride a camel and spend a relaxing day in snorkeling.
(including transportation - jeep & camel ride, snorkeling equipment, the hut rental, bedouin lunch)

3rd day
Quad bike safari
that will take you through the Connection valley and throught the desert ,up to the "Mountain of the twilight", where you can drink some beduin tea,and then down to the panorama of Dahab.
(including your personal quad bike & desert guid)

Including: accommodation at bedouin camp (AC, bathroom) with breakfast, all transportation, snorkeling equipment + free access to Rush Bar! 

Price:150 $ per person!

Category B:  3 NIGHTS - 4 DAYS OFFER 

1st day Three pools safari
(including transportation, snorkeling equipment, lunch)

2nd day Ras abu Gallum safari
(including transportation jeep & camel, snorkeling equipment, the hut rental, bedouin lunch)

3rd day Quad desert safari
(including your personal quad bike & desert guid) 

Including: accommodation at Auski camp (AC, bathroom) with breakfast, all transportation, snorkeling equipment.

Price:130 $ per person!

Category C:  3 NIGHTS - 4 DAYS OFFER 

1st day Three pools Safari
(including transportation,snorkeling equipment and lunch - not including the glass boat!)

2nd day Ras abu Gallum Safari
(including transportation jeep & cammel, snorkeling equipment,the hut rental and bedouin lunch)

3rd day Quad desert Safari
(including your personal quad bike & desert guid)

Including: accommodation at Auski camp (fan, bed, shared bathroom) with breakfast, snorkeling equipment.

Price:110 $ per person! 

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Ras Abu Galum daily & weekend trips - Taste paradise :)

Ras Abu Gallum National Park

Ras Abu Gallum is meditation place,with calm beach and wonderful site for snorkeling and diving, 16km away from Mashraba - center of Dahab. The sheltered waters inside the Ras Abu Galum are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. For those of you who are more adventurous at heart, can swim out to the reef wall to see the amazing variety of marine life in open water. You can also venture up into the mountains for a fantastic view of the area or wander along the shore to see the ancient fossilized reef exposed here. 

Take a daily trip with us! 

We will pick you up in the morning by jeep to drive for 30 minutes to the Blue Hole. After reaching Blue Hole we will ride camels for over one hour along the peaceful coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba to reach our destination – Ras Abu Galum. After snorkeling, relaxing and having lunch there, we'll come back by the same way to Dahab in the late afternoon. 

Price37$ (220 le) per person

Includes: jeep transportation, camel ride, snorkeling equipment, lunch during the tour. 

Few days of chilling 
If you feel like you want to run away from the world and civilization on a few days this is a very good opportunity. We're giving you a chance to spend 3 nights at the Bedouin camp in Ras Abu Galum.Enjoy nature, gorgeous sandy beach, swimming, snorkeling and legendary hospitality of the Bedouins. Clear your mind away from any sounds, networks or city lights. Feel in harmony with life :) 

Price: 100$ (600 le) per person

Includes: jeep transportation, camel ride, snorkeling equipment, every day breakfast.

Excursion Requirements: towels, sun glasses & hat, sun cream, water, snacks, beach towel.

We offer toyota hiace - transportation from Cairo to Dahab and back (this is excluded from package price - extra 100 le per person), but you have to make reservation at least 1 day before the trip!

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How it all began: Light & Sea

Sunrise, Dahab
Until 1982. Dahab was known only by Hippies and travelers. A small comunity of people from all over the world lived in the Bedouin village, today called Masbat. The local bedouins lived in Assalah, at the time off limits and tabu for strangers and foreigners.
Dahab , 1980
After the return of the Sinai peninsula from Israel to Egypt in April 1982, according to the Camp David treaty, the daily life in Dahab changed dramatically. All supplies had to be orginized now from the Cairo, some 600km away. The local hippie community had vanished and the bedouin village became a ghost town, kept alive only by the bedouins and a few travelers, that found the way to Dahab from the distant Cairo.
Nesima Resort
According to the regulations in the Camp David treaty, in 1987. the egyptian government started with the construction of the nonexistent infrastructure in South Sinai. A new power house in Dahab, built in 1989, supplied now electricity to the first houses, camps, coffee shops, supermarkets and restaurants. Also the first privately owned Dive shops like Inmo and Nesima started to operate in this time. 
Sea of candles
And the story I've heared from an old Dahabian, comes from the end of the 80s, in a time when there was still no electricity. Story says how Dahabians used to put candle with some sand in empty bottle to provide light for city at night. They also used to practice lightning the sea, on the same way, with a hundreds of floating candles. So I tried to imagine it:a calm sea and the breeze coming from the surrounding hills and seashore lighted with a lot of candles, floating on the water :) Something most romantic that I've ever heard!
Dahab beach
"Three Worlds, One Choice" as tourists called it, Dahab became  one of the most beautiful destinations in Egypt, with its unique atmosphere and pure crystal water and beautiful coral reefs. 
Masbat today
Over the past few years a new Bedouin village has come into existence, called Masbat now, complete with promenade, luxury hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, diving centers, pizzerias, banks, internet cafes, travel agencies, car rental and many more are now a very common thing in Dahab.
 Lodge restaurant, Auski camp
Still, from place to place, you might see a candle with sand in plastic bottle on the table, but only as a decoration and as a reminder of the good old days :)

Very grateful to Ihab Seif for the story about candles!

Also thankful to Peter Emch and his "Dahabian" website for not so known informations about Dahab and its people!

Dahab activities guide - all things you should do!

Beautiful Dahab 

People usually intend to stay in Dahab for one night or a few (after all Egypt is full of places to see!). But somehow, they stay another day...and then another...and...another :) You can say people get stuck in Dahab, and it's pretty easy to understand how it happens. A laid back international beach community, it offers stunning scenery - rocky mountains plunging into the Red Sea, rock climbing, world class scuba diving, many other activities, near perfect weather, and excellent food that is pretty cheap. So once you come to Dahab, be prepared to stay longer than you planned! 

When it's about the things you can do while you're in Dahab, the list is long. Dahab is  the world class adventure destination. For most people, it's the combination of the laid back way of life with world class adventure activities that keeps them coming back to Dahab time and time again. So here, we will give you just some ideas:

DIVEDahab is one of the most versatile diving locations in the world. World class dives, from beginner to technical depths, plus gentle conditions and excellent visibility. In just 4 days, you can get open water PADI (the world's most popular scuba diving course).

RELAXFew places in the world can rival Dahab as a total chill out zone. Take a seat in one of the beach side cafes for breakfast, and you'll find yourself still sitting there when lunch rolls around. People here are very laid back - the cafe owners happy to have you spend the day on their sunbeds just sipping on a juice or two. You're less than 2m from the sea, so if it gets too hot, just slip out of the cafe into the sea, and you're all set for the afternoon!

WINDSURF - For beginners as well as highly trained windsurfers, the Dahab's Laguna is one of the best surfspots in the world!Hardly any other place on the Earth gives you as many sunny days in the year as Dahab does. And this is particularly good when the north wind, strengthened by the local thermal conditions and by the mountains in the hinterland close by, gives the right conditions for all levels to learn and train.

DO YOGADahab and the Sinai are made for yoga! There is a fresh energy here which makes you glad to be alive. Rooftop classes, or you can combine with a snorkeling or deep desert safari. Stick to the beach in summer (May-Sept). If you're coming Oct-April, try to combine yoga with a deep desert safari. An incredibly uplifting experience!

RIDE A HORSE - along the sea-side at sunset or any other time of  the day!

MEET A CAMEL - C is for cute, curious camels :)Riding a camel is one of the most incredible experiences you can imagine!

GO ROCK CLIMBING - This is the big new adventure in the Sinai. Sports climbing in Wadi Gnai near Dahab, tradclimbing in St Catherine and world class bouldering everywhere you go. In addition to Try Climbs & guided climbing (trad & sport), you can do a surprising range of courses. There's even help for climbers who are experienced, fully equipped & just need a little advice for a self-guided trip.

HIRE A QUAD BIKE  - and make a tour in the nearby mountains.

DO DEEP DESERT SAFARIS  - These are incredible adventures, and the highlight of many trips to the Sinai. Make a day trip to St. Catherine, Mt. Sinai, Coloured Canyon, Ras Abu Gallum etc. 

So this is a SHORT list of the BIG things you can do. But only mix of these and all that small things, which we can't easily describe with a words - the rise of the full moon over the Saudi mountains on the other side, sunset in the Lagoona, delicious Bedouin tea - that will put Dahab deep into your heart :)