Egyptian makeup style or story about one & only KOHL :D

In today's world, a woman has literally hundreds of cosmetics to choose from, with a wide variety od colors and uses. But did you ever wonder how cosmetics got started and when?

The earliest historical record of makeup comes from the 1st dynasty od Egypt. Makeup was the single most important part of Egyptian culture.

They used many different kind of makeup: eye liner, lipstic, henna but eye makeup is one of the most noticeable features of this ancient kingdom's style. It had a long history in Ancient Egypt and both men and women were using it as early as 4000 BC. It was known that an eye without make up was an unprotected eye (an "evil eye"). 

Eye makeup was consisted of just eye liner and some powder that they brushed under their eyes. The favorite eye liner colors were black (kohl) and green. They decorated their eyes by applying dark green colour to the under lid and blackening the lashes and upper lid with kohl. It is believed that the Jews adopted the use of makeup from the Egyptians, since references to the painting of faces appear in the New Testament section of the Bible.
All makeup was made of natural materials. The black eye liner - kohl was obtained from galena - blue gray natural mineral, found and mined in the eastern dessert at Gebel el Zeit. The green eye liner was made from malachite - carbonat mineral with green pigment, which was imported from copper mines of the Sinai Desert. 

There were planty of reasons for using make up in Ancient Egypt: kohl shieled eye against the sun and also acted as a detterent to flies, galena - which made the kohl - had disinfectant qualities, and of course purely cosmetics reasons - make up really emphasized the eyes and made them look more beautiful. 

The Egyptian style of applying eye makeup has become synonymous with the Ancient Egyptians and today we are using kohl as a modern  version of ancient cosmetics ingrediance :) 

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